UFOP, a university supported by Fundep, signs cooperation agreements with Iranian universities

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UFOP rectoress, Cláudia Marliére,  signed the agreement with Allameh Tabataba’i University (ATU) on November 8th. This was the second agreement signed with Iran — the first had been established in September with the University of Theran (UT). The agreements aim at the mobility of students, teachers and administrative technicians from the institutions, as well as the joint realization of teaching, research and extension activities.

The Ambassador of Brazil to Iran, Laudemar Gonçalves de Aguiar Neto, and the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Brazil, Hossein Gharibi, were present at the meeting in which the agreement was signed. Both congratulated the international cooperation initiative and made themselves available to support the proposed actions, mainly actions related to the promotion of the Persian language and culture and the Portuguese language and Portuguese-speaking culture in the universities that signed the agreement.

ALLAMEH TABATABA’I UNIVERSITY (ATU) – ATU was founded in 1984, from the union of the Oil Accounting and Finance School, the Tehran College of Commerce and 25 other universities, colleges, institutes and centers of higher education. Allameh Tabataba’i University has 48 bachelor’s, 101 master’s and 49 doctoral’s courses. The university has 508 faculty (number for the 2017/201 academic year) and is one of the most prestigious institutions in Asia, in addition to being the largest public university specializing in the human, cognitive and social sciences.

TEHRAN UNIVERSITY (UT) – Founded in 1934 as a modern institution, UT is one of the best universities in the Middle East and the world. The institution offers 111 bachelor’s degrees, 117 master’s courses and 156 doctoral courses.


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Produce and disseminate scientific, technological, social, cultural, heritage and environmental knowledge and contribute to the formation of the subject as an ethical, critical-reflective, creative, entrepreneurial, humanist and agent of change in the construction of a just society, developed socioeconomically, sovereign and democratic. These are the objectives of the Federal University of Ouro Preto, which is based in three cities in Minas Gerais – Ouro Preto, Mariana and João Monlevade. UFOP is an university supported by Fundep.


Content extracted from the UFOP  website.