Projects Management


Opportunity Mapping

Negotiation Support

Human Resources

Proposals’ Formatting

Juridical Support


Active Management:

Connections and opportunities

People Management

Funding Advisement





Closing reports:

Submission of financial and accounting reports according to the funding institution’s guidelines.



  • To plan, promote, coordinate, execute, collaborate, manage, and observe several institutional actions of federal entities, of Higher Education, Research and Technology institutions in the fields of Education, Health, Environment, Engineering, Safety, Sports, Social Assistance, Culture, and Scientific and Technological Research;
  • To carry out and manage projects and activities that may certify it as a social assistance entity according to the current legislation;
  • To acquire financial resources from private corporations, official financing agencies, and other entities in Brazil and abroad;
  • To provide consulting, auditing, and advisory services for federal entities and their partners, as well as for the private sector and third-party entities;
  • To promote conferences and webinars, lectures, symposiums, courses, training, meetings, events, forums, and seminars;
  • To carry out actions and activities to acquire resources and develop partnerships with private companies and City, State, and Federal entities;
  • To implement programs and actions that contribute to the development of the technological environment, to the creation of technology companies and parks, and innovation ecosystems.



45 year experience in project management: special expertise and technological resources developed

Purchase Department

Electronic price quoting system

Proposal formatting

GPF.Net System: Fundep’s Project Management System

Negotiation support

Legal support during project duration

Recognized excellency in international purchases

Capacity to manage network projects