Parent in Science, which has four ambassadors at UFMG, is awarded by Nature

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The Brazilian movement Parent in Science received the Inspiring Women in Science award, in the Science Outreach category, offered by the British publisher Nature. The initiative works to systematize data and fight for the implementation of support policies for mothers in the academy.

It is the first time that the award, in partnership with the company Estée Lauder, is given to a Brazilian group. Its aim is to recognize the achievements of women and all who work to encourage them to enter and remain in science.

Parent in Science is formed by 17 researchers at its core. Two years ago, it expanded and now encompasses 72 ambassadors in several Brazilian universities, four at UFMG: Master’s student Gisele Camilo da Mata, from the Faculty of Education, and professors Lívia Guimarães Zina, from the Faculty of Dentistry, Rosaline Figueiredo e Silva , from the IGC, and Viviane de Souza Alves, from the ICB. In March, TV UFMG published a series in which the four ambassadors reported in videos the challenge of reconciling motherhood and science.

The movement received a US$ 40,000 prize and an invitation to presentations and mentorships at the Estée Lauder company.


About the project

The Parent in Science Movement aims at raising awareness on the barriers faced by academic mothers. By generating primary data on these barriers and the impact of motherhood in the scientists’ careers, we’ve been promoting affirmative actions and inclusive public policies to ensure women’s access, permanence and progression in STEM.


Translated from UFMG website.